Saturday, February 4, 2012


Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Pictures!

We just received these Christmas pictures of Jude! Thank you Sheri & Katherine from Gifts to China with Love!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jude!

Judes birthday was on 10/30 and we just received these pics today! We are also finally DTC last Friday! We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Update & Pictures of Jude!!!!

We were beyond excited last night when we checked email before we went to bed and found this update & pictures of Jude!  We sent him a package through & they got us this wonderful update.  We wish we could bring him home right now but unfortunately we are'nt even DTC yet were still waiting on our I800 approval.  Any how we think he is just about the cutest little boy ever! ;)

weight 体重14.5Kg

head c头围47cm
chest c胸围53cm
feet length足长15cm.

1、 他最喜欢的玩具
他没有特别喜欢或者不喜欢的玩具,不挑剔,什么都喜欢。He likes all toys.

2、  他睡觉的习惯He likes suck his thumb when he is sleeping.

   他活泼、开朗,属于外向型。He is a active ,outgoing and happy boy.

3、  他喜欢做什么事
他比较随意,只要是玩,都喜欢。He is easygoing ,he likes to play and have fun.

4、  他对什么事不高兴或不安
如果不顺从他的意愿,他会不开心。If you are not follow him ,he will feel unhappy.

5、  他害怕什么
他怕鞭炮的响声。He is fear of the firecracker.

6、  如何安抚他
抱抱他、哄哄他就好了。If he is unhappy, just hold him and droppy him.

7、  他喜欢的活动
他没有特别喜欢的活动,凡是玩都喜欢。He loves new and interesting things.

8、  需要特别关照的石
要大小便时不会说,而是用手势表示。大便时会哭。He will cry when he wants to poo.
Katherine 凯琳


Monday, June 20, 2011


Check out the new pics of Jude we just got today! I was so excited I just could'nt get anything done all day. : ) He is just to cute for words.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!!

We just had are first home-study visit on Saturday. All went really well! We were pleasantly surprised when the sw said she would try to get it all done for us before we leave for Hawaii on the 12th. Now we race to get everything done on our end. We can't wait to bring Jude home hopefully sometime in Feb/March of 2012.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Plan

We guess there really is no need to explain ourselves but we do want to share not only some truly wonderful news but also to share some of our thoughts as we take the next step in our journey. First things first…we would like to introduce Jude Christopher Niande Sardos to our family. Born 10-30-2008 in Shanghai, China. Yes you read it correctly, we hope to have Jude join our family soon. We know what people may think, what are they crazy, don’t they have enough, gee how old are they, oh my, they are just so wonderful to save another child! But to be honest we aren’t wonderful or special or in this to save anyone. We do this because in our hearts we know this is the path we must take. Whether you call it fate, karma, divine intervention or maybe just Gods Plan it’s the driving force that has taken us on this wonderful journey. Started twenty-five years ago we have seen our family grow, first little Joe who was there from the beginning, then as the boys all joined our family you could feel the love in our family, a love that needed to be shared with others. To adopt the girls all just seemed so natural, it was always, no matter what challenges we faced and still face, the right thing to do for us….it was always part of Gods Plan. Now the time is right to continue the journey to come full circle so to speak, we again open our hearts and our family to another child, not to save anybody, not to make ourselves feel better or special but because it’s the right thing to do at the right time to do it. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy… If not us who? If not now, when? We would like to thank you in advance for all your support and we look forward to sharing this wonderful part of our life’s journey with you and we hope everyone has a Plan in their life. Take care and God Bless.

John and Jane